About Us

One Question – Why?

“Why?” It’s my favorite question. Always has been. Even as a child I was reluctant to blindly perform any task unless an adult could explain why.

Why do I have to put the dishes away? Why should I run a basketball pattern that way? As an adult, I brought the same dogged curiosity to my career. I require logic. I need an explanation. I’m happy to provide all of the required hard work and determination as long as I know the reasons why ring true. I guess a lot of people would consider this stubbornness, but I like to think of it as perseverance and fortitude.

I was involved in seven real estate transactions before I became a Mortgage Advisor in the year 2000. The thing that I remember most about every one of those transactions was how frustrated I felt when the professionals, who were supposed to make me feel powerful about the process, rarely had the time or information to give me the why I desperately needed to make me feel comfortable. Why do you need this letter of explanation? Why is this my interest rate? Why is this the best loan program for me?

When life’s events provided me with an opportunity to work in the home lending industry, I began to learn what I hadn’t been taught in all of my personal transactions and it filled me with a passion and a belief that every person has the right to be an active and knowledgeable participant in their home financing experience.

I have made it my mission during my 20+ year career to focus on educating and empowering my clients so that no “why” is left unanswered – especially Why should you choose to work with my team?”

When you choose to work with us you can expect a very different home financing process because we believe that your home loan – possibly your largest single financial transaction – does not exist independently in your life but rather as an integral part of your overall wealth and financial longevity. When you meet with us, be prepared for a very unique kind of experience, a NEO Experience.

Of course, we still need to ask you for all the “stuff”, the required documents, and information to process your loan, but we believe that these documents aren’t the most important piece.

We believe that the most important piece of this equation is you. We’ll ask you about your dreams and goals, your fears and concerns, and how you see your home purchase or refinance integrating with your overall financial life. Because only then will we be able to provide you with the education required to aid you in selecting the best mortgage option for you, help you understand the ins and outs of down payments and closing costs, and ultimately assist you in crossing the finish line of your home financing feeling that you’ve made the best possible decision for you and your family –  one that will help you build financial independence and generational wealth.

I also believe that my job as your Mortgage Advisor doesn’t stop at the end of your transaction. To achieve my goal of always providing expert analysis and value, I offer many services to my clients post-closing including

  • Annual financial reviews to help you stay focused on the financial goals we discussed during our initial consultation.
  • Enrollment in home management platforms and access to your monthly wealth digest report at no charge to you.
  • Consistent communication about opportunities and events that may impact you and your family’s financial well-being.

My ultimate goal is to have you look back on your home financing experience and feel cared for, and confident that you truly have a partner for life. We are dedicated to understanding your needs, and committed to providing you with advice that is always about what is best for you and your hopes and dreams. WHY? Because giving you power over why is what I am passionate about.

Lisa Fleck, CDLP & Team